Tierra Rejada Results     June 9, 2019

Blue Flight (Parimutel)
1st Place went to John Aben (Honest Abe) who shot a net 63 and his odds were 7 to 1 in the parimutel.

2nd Place was a three way tie with Tony Gaimari (Inspector Gadget), Robby Martinez (Gramblerr) and Bart Pellet (Grumpy) who all a net 71.

Red Flight
1st Place went to Alberto Garcia (A Gar) who shot a net 62.

2nd Place went to William Crumbaker (Wild Willie) who shot a net 63.

3rd Place went to Denys Leigh-Taylor (Dumb Waiter) who shot a net 64.

Pin # 2 went to Bart Pellet

Pin #7 went to Bruce Cleveland

Pin #11 went to Nick Flax
Pin #14 went to Scott Abitante

Pin #17 went to Eddie Gonzalez

International Winners

Red Flight went to Alberto Garcia with a 48

Blue Flight went to John Aben with a 47