San Dimas Results     May 5, 2019

Blue Flight (Parimutel)
1st Place went to Nick Flax (Bad Seed) who shot a net 67 and went to 14 to 1 odds in the Parimutel.

2nd Place went to Chris Dryden (Simon Sez) who shot a net 68.

3rd Place went to Tony Gaimari (Inspector Gadget) who a net 70.

Red Flight
1st Place went to Denys Leigh-Taylor (Dumbwaiter) who shot a net 65.

2nd & 3rd Place was a tie with Scott Abitante (Pac-Man) and Eric Zimmer (3 Putt) who both shot a net 71.

Closest to Pins

Pin # 2 went to Nick Flax (Bad Seed)

Pin #5 went to Greg Paskweitz (Ho-Hum)

Pin #7 went to Seedman

Pin #10 went to Alberto Garcia

Pin #16 went to Mike Lambert

International Winners

Red Flight went to Denys Leigh-Taylor with a 46

Blue Flight went to Nick FlaX with a 47