LA Royal Vista Results     July 14, 2019

Blue Flight (Parimutel)

1st Place went to Eddie Gonzalez (Steady Eddie) who shot a net 66 and went off at 7 to 1 odds.

2nd  & 3rd Place was a tie with John Aben (Honest Abe) and Tony Gaimari (Insp Gadget) who both shot a net 69.

4th Place went to Roger Shaulis (The Muzzle)  who shot a net 72.

Red Flight

1st Place went to Scott Abitante (Pac-Man) who shot a net 68.

2nd, 3rd and 4th was a three way tie with Roy Chamberlin (Neville), Peter Flax (Zipper Nose) and Jim Moses (Mosai) who all shot a net 72

Closest to the Pin

East #3 went to  Eddie Gonzalez.

East #6 went to Phil Herel.

North #9 went to Steve Brown.

North #2 went to John Aben.

North #5 went to Bobby Lepore.


Blue Flight went to  Eddie Gonzalez with a 41.

Red Flight went to Scott Abitante with a 38.