Los Serranos Results     March 3, 2019

Blue Flight (Parimutel)
1st Place went to Tony Gaimari (Inspector Gadget) who shot a net 71 and was 10 to 1 on the odds.
2nd Place went to Phil Herel (Dr. Phil) who shot a net 73.

3rd Place went to Nick Flax (Bad Seed) who shot a net 74.

4th Place went to Dennis Thompson (Smooth) who shot a net 78.

Red Flight
1st Place was a two-way tie between Michael Boney (Skeletor) and Eddie Miranda (Butterfly) who both shot a net 72.

3rd Place went to Brian Kirshbaum (The Wrench) who shot a net 73.
4th Place went to Steve Brown (Downtown) who shot a net 75.

Green Flight
1st Place went to Scott Abitante (Pac-Man) who shot a net 74.
2nd Place was a three way tie between Bob Krug (Tri-pod), Jerry Reed (Elevator Man) and Eric Zimmer (Three Putt) who all shot a net 78.

Closest to Pins went to:
Bob Krug Pin #6
Steve Brown Pin #9
Brian Kirshbaum Pin #12
Brian Kirshbaum Pin #17


Tony Gaimari with 38 in the Blue Flight

Michael Boney with 33 in the Red Flight

Scott Abitante with 39 in the Green Flight