Los Robles Results     August 12, 2018

Blue Flight (Parimutel)
1st Place was a tie with Michael Boney (Skeletor) and Robby Martinez (Gamblerr) who both shot a net 66 and went off at 15 to 1 and 6 to one odds respectively.

3rd Place went to John Ross (Dept. Store) who shot a net 68.

4th Place went to Fred Deimel (Sour Kraut) who shot a net 70.

Red Flight
1st Place went to Jack Warren (The Warren Report) who shot a net 65.

2nd Place went to Roy Chamberlin (Neville) who shot a net 66.

3rd Place went to Ray Donahue (The Hammer) who both shot a net 67.

4th Place went to Nelson Miranda (Lord Nelson) who shot a net 68.

Closet to Pins

 #2 Jack Warren

 #6 Robby Martinez

 #8 Jerry Reed

#11 John Aben

#16 Greg Paskwietz


Blue Flight went to Michael Boney

Red Flight went to Roy Chamberlin